Hotel Fljótshlíð

Sustainability Policy

A stay on the working farm Smáratún will give you a touch of the daily life in Icelandic countryside, with closeness to nature and local culture. Smáratún intends to operate sustainable, bearing in mind the interests of future generations.

Therefore, Smáratún and all the people working are committing themselves to:

  • reduce pollution by reducing the waste of assets, e.g. by re-using and recycling, along with saving energy and utilizing environmentally friendly materials
  • ensuring that wastewater has no polluting effects on the environment
  • work steadily at keeping the nearest surroundings clean and attractive
  • support the protection of sites of cultural and natural interest
  • give preference to goods and services produced locally and whenever possible use food direct from the farm
  • employ local people
  • continuously seek further education in environmental matters and disseminate such information to the staff.
  • invite and encourage guests and suppliers to participate in Smáratúns efforts to protect the environment
  • strengthen the cooperation with the local government, other firms and residents of the area
  • endeavour to fulfil the provisions of laws and regulations to which the company subscribes
  • constantly emphasise improvements in operation and service, towards more sustainable performance and to attain environmental certification by Green Globe.